Made with Love

Awl Wild was started by Celeste Mandala in 2018 and is a small operation based out of Haiku, Maui. A pioneer woman of sorts, Celeste has always been inspired by the handmade nature of thoughtful everyday objects. Whenever possible she welcomes the challenge to create something from scratch to fulfill its utilitarian use of which it was custom made for.

She set out to make her own wares, working with soft, beautiful deer hides, textural bison hides, waterproof pig skins and durable, timeless American tanned cow hides. She does everything herself from dreaming up the design and functionality of her bags, to cutting, sewing and sometimes hand dyeing leather in natural indigo. Her hands touch every inch of fiber, leather and wax that hits her workbench.

Celeste grew up on a vast stretch of wilderness in British Columbia with her wise and wonderful French mama, her earth-loving and nurturing papa and three wild, and inspiring  older brothers who always pushed her to ride faster and try harder. Their homesteading, and her home based schooling shaped her from a young age. She spent part of her childhood in the jungles of Huelo on Maui’s north shore with her extended ohana. She has always been drawn to natural ways of living, spending time in the wilderness and connecting with those who inspire her.  Maui has now been her home for over a decade. She still returns to Canada yearly, to pick huckleberries, wild strawberries, and raspberries and breathe in the fresh cotton wood buds, cedar trees and the fresh fallen snow in winter (it really does have a smell!). The tangible senses in nature inform her creations. 

Celeste’s hope is that your Awl Wild bag or object becomes a part of your every day life. Tie on your leather fanny (waistie) filled with your can’t do withouts and dance the night away or throw your deerskin fringed purse over your shoulder and hit the road for an adventure with friends. 

Handmade in the USA.

With Love